Step/Guide on How to Backup & Restore WordPress website

Are you tired of finding the best solution for backup your site?

Well, you are in the right place. We know that finding the best solution to backup a WordPress website can be a tough job, because there are lots of plugins are in the WordPress plugin directory are not working fine. So, with this step-by-step guide, we are going to show you the best and easiest method to backup your site/blog the right way, without typing any single code.

When you are working on the internet, disaster can occur all the time, like hacking and sometimes the website will unexpectedly crash. So backup is a good practice and the best solution for that.

Ready? So let’s get started!

Step 1: Install WordPress Plugin

First, you need to login into your WordPress admin dashboard. Once logged in, bring your mouse into Plugins and click on the Add New.

Next, you will bring to a plugin page. So let’s go ahead and find the plugin by typing updraft keyword in the search box.

After that, you will see a list of plugins that meet your criteria, then look for the UpdraftPlus WordPress Plugin by David Anderson and click on the Install button to install the plugin.

Once installed, button install will be replaced with an activate button, then click on the Activate button to use the plugin.

Once activated, you will be brought to an installed plugin page and a success message appears.

Step 2: UpdraftPlus Configuration and Setup

Once completed, UpdraftPlus backups option will now appear in the settings. So let’s go ahead and move your mouse into Setting and click on the UpdraftPlus Backups like the screen below.

You will bring the UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore page like the screen below.

In the tab menus, click on the Settings tab.

You will see a lot of configuration, but don’t bother yourself! You don’t need to configure all of them to backup your site. It’s easy, just follow along.

In the first and second option you will see:

Files backup schedule – a backup option for WordPress updates and images and modification of your site/blog.
Database backup schedule – a backup option for WordPress post, pages, and comments of your site/blog.

You will need to select and set an automatic backup schedule. We recommend weekly for File Backup Schedule and daily for File Backup Schedule by clicking on the drop down menu like we did.

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After that, you will need to choose a remote storage to store your WordPress backup file. We recommend the Dropbox because it is the efficient way to backup WordPress file. So let’s go ahead and click on the Dropbox icon.

NOTE: It’s up to you, want to choose but for this tutorial, Dropbox is the efficient and the best way to back-up your WordPress site in no time. You can also choose Google drive and anything that made you comfortable.

Scroll down and find Include in files backup option and make sure that plugins, themes, and uploads are all checked. If you want backup reports direct into your email to see the updates, then check the email option.

Almost done! We are done in the configuration setting and click on the Save Changes button to save the changes.

Once saved, Remote Storage Authentication will now popup, click on the popup link that says “Follow this link to authorize access to your Dropbox account”.

NOTE: Without storage like Dropbox you will not be able to backup your site.

Authentication page will now display to allow UpdraftPlus to access your Dropbox folder or apps. Importantly, this is where you saved your backup file. So let’s go ahead and click on the Allow button.

Lastly, to complete the setup for Dropbox click on the Complete setup button.

After that, you will see a success message that says “you have authenticated your drop down account” like the screen below.

Backup Manually

Go to the current menu status tab, then click on the Backup Now button.

UpdraftPlus plugin, will pop-up with an optional check box to choose to back-up your file, leave that as checked a click on Backup Now button.

The UpdraftPlus plugin will now start backup your site automatically.

Restore Manually
To restore manually, click the Reset Now button.

Select a restore point you want to restore by clicking on the blue Restore button.

That’s it! it will automatically restore your website based on the restore points you have chosen.

Congratulation! you have now successfully backup your site automatically without typing any single code. Awesome right?

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