HOT Deal!!! Activate MTN FREE Double Data without Tweaking IMEI Number

MTN 100% double data offer doubles your purchase data. Normally, the bonus will be activated automatically by MTN once you insert your SIM on any eligible smartphone but this article will show you how to activate the offer using another easier method.

Nevertheless, I published an article in activating the 100% double data offer by tweaking IMEI number of your phone but this article will definitely put an end to that method. Regardless of your phone type, you will be able to activate the 100% double data using just a USSD code.
So, if you are using an iPhone, Tablet, Android and any type of phone, you will be able to activate the offer without tweaking your IMEI and rooting of your phone.

MTN 100% double data works in a wonderful way. If you buy 500MB weekly data plan from MTN , it will be doubled to 2GB and vice versa.

How to Activate MTN 100% Double Data without Tweaking or Rooting

Go to your phone SMS message or Dialpad;
1. Send DOUBLE to 131 as a text message.
2. Send PROMO to 131 as a text message.
3. Finally, Send FREE to 131 as a text message.
After that, you will receive three messages saying;
1st message: ” Sorry, The Command you have entered is incorrect.”
2nd message: “Y’ello! Your request has been received and is being processed. You will receive a response shortly. Please don’t resend your request. Thank you! ”
3rd message: ” Dear Customer, Enjoy data offers on MTN Deal zone, Dial *131*1# “.

If you receive the last or third message, you can proceed to subscribe to any data plan and it will be doubled immediately. You can subscribe for the daily data plan of 50MB for N100 and if it works, you can then subscribe to higher data plans to get your data doubled.

Note: The third message determines your eligibility for the offer, so you must receive the third message and you can only subscribe to MTN data plan by dialling *131*1# and not other way.

How to Check Data Balance
You can always check the data balance by dialling *131*4# or send 2 to 131 as a text message

Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing Using Amaze VPN

Airtel Free browsing is back again for Airtel users to enjoy. If you missed out updates from our latest free browsing, visit the links below

Airtel users can now browse and download for free with their Sims. This free browsing cheat is selective for some Sims but works unlimitedly and free.

✔ First, download Amaze vpn from the link below
✔️ Install and open the app
✔ Turn on your data
✔ Choose “Netherland” or any other working region
✔ Now press “connect”
It’s as simple as that.
Now how to use it on any other VPN app? Well, follow below instructions.
✔️ Open the vpn app
✔ Choose any working region
✔ Press connect
Note the VPN must support this Airtel freenet servers for it to work.

Etisalat Free Browsing Cheats, Settings and Configuration Guide

Etisalat Free Browsing Cheats: Settings and Configuration Guide.

Etisalat Free Browsing Cheats | Did you know that Etisalat is one of the best networks having a wide range of network coverage all over the country? Did you also know that Etisalat has changed its name from Etisalat to 9mobile? I guess you didnt.

Etisalat Free Browsing Cheats

After been given three weeks by its parent body United Arab Emirates,  Mubadala Group, to stop operating in the brand’s name, Etisalat Nigeria, has officially announced a change of name. The change which came Thursday, July 13, 2017 will now see Etisalat Nigeria been called 9mobile.

There was also a change at the head, as Mr. Boye Olusanya, was appointed as the chief executive officer to oversee the transition. Mr. Boye was former deputy managing director of Celtel Nigeria now Airtel Nigeria. The change of name is coming after the company promised that it will not stop operations and that staffs will not be retrenched.

Few years ago, it introduced the Etisalat free browsing cheat for it subscribers. Many subscribers were aware but few were still not aware of the magnanimity of their preferred network. The free browsing cheats is a budget of etisalat to reduce cost of data usage for browsing meaning you can surf the internet free while you are currently on the cheat.

How to Configure Etisalat (9mobile) Sim and Browse Freely

To configure, here are the steps to follow:

  • Start by downloading 51Vpn App

  • After downloading and installing, open the App and then choose any of the Nods available {UK Or Singapore} RECOMMENDED.
  • Switch on your data, click on the ash icon like Send symbol to connect the App and click OK in any pop-up screen that surface and wait for the icon to turn Green in color.
  • Once it connects you will see the Sent and Received arrows reading from bytes to Mb/s

Note that the free version of this app will get you a speed limited of about 1mb/s – 3mb/s for about 20minutes and drop to 300kb/s.


  • Name: etisalat
  • APN: etisalat
  • Proxy empty
  • Port empty
  • Username: leave it
  • Password: leave it


  • Proxy type: Real host
  • Url/Host:
  • Real proxy type: HTTP or any others from the list

  • Real proxy port: 80

You can alternatively click on XP Generator and enter the URL/PORT in the field provided, and then tick REAL HOST and click on GENERATE then connect.

AIRTEL Free Browsing Cheats 2017 | Settings And Configuration Guide

Airtel Free Browsing Cheats 2017 | Settings and Configuration Guide.

Airtel Free Browsing Cheats 2017 | Airtel free browsing cheat is an amazing offer from Airtel trying so hard to make your world a wonderful one as their slogan says. The free cheat can really be of great help to internet surfing freaks because it is free, fast and reliable. All you need is follow the steps below to enjoy this amazing offer.

Airtel Free Browsing Cheats 2017


  • Download the Psiphon application
  • Tick the remove port box
  • Proxy Type: Real host
  • Proxy Server:
  • Real Proxy Type: default
  • Real Proxy server:
  • Real Proxy Port:
  • Save¦
  • Tick Tunnel whole device and accept

  • Now swipe to options and select United States as region
  • Go to more optionsâ
  • Un-tick connect through an HTTP Proxy…
  • Go Back and Connectâ

Once it’s connectedâ maybe in the next 10mins, then you can start surfing the internet, streaming and also downloading without limits.

AIRTEL PROXY PORT 80 3128 80 82 80 80 8083 8083 8083 8083 8083 8083 8083 8083 8083 8083 8083 8083 8083


Tools Needed;

  • Modem
  • Airtel sim
  • Psiphon software for your PC

Configuration for your PC

  • Open your Psiphon you ve downloaded
  • Click on settings and locate the ‘Upstream proxy
  • Use the following configuration for your upstream proxy
    Port: 8080
  • Look for âpsiphon region server and choose Singapore as your region server. Apply these changes and then connect your modem and your psiphon, wait for some second for connection then start browsing unlimitedly on your pc.


  • You should also configure your IDM [internet download manager] to be able to download file with it using your PC Psiphon software
  • Open your internet download manager
  • Click on˜optionsat the top
    and then look for proxy/socks and then use the following setting to configure your IDM
    Proxy address:
    Port: 8080.

MTN Free Browsing Cheats, Settings and Configuration Guide

MTN Free Browsing Cheats, Settings and Configuration Guide.

MTN Free Browsing Cheats | Internet browsing cheats are codes that take advantage of loopholes in a network to offer free browsing on mobile phones or other access devices. They usually come as internet settings that the user saves on mobile phone to enable free browsing.

MTN Free Browsing Cheats

Free MTN browsing cheats are very popular amongst young people. They are mostly teenagers in secondary school and young people below age 35. Mobile phones used with free browsing cheats are usually cheap or mid-range 3G/GPRS/EDGE internet enabled mobile phone (Price: less than N21, 000) usually from Nokia, Samsung, LG, or a Chinese clone. Users of free browsing cheats often browse directly on their phone with the Opera mini browser or Bolt.

MTN 1.5GB internet bundle is a good move by MTN. It will definitely win some users of free MTN browsing cheats. A cheap dedicated internet bundle like the 1.5GB bundle is likely to win a lot more subscribers from the free browsing cheats market. That is why we commend the move.

MTN 0.0KB free browsing cheat (DATARESET) is back again this time in 2017 via Psiphon, WizyTechs VPN and XP. Before now, it seemed as if it’s only Glo and Etisalat 0.00kb cheats are blazing after Airtel free browsing stopped working last week. Well, the good news is MTN Data Reset cheat that rocked last year is back again this year in new style although it seems to select SIMs as it’s working on few MTN SIM cards.

MTN has a very wide range of coverage in the country, hence the popularity of their free browsing in many states unlike Glo which has poor network coverage in many locations.

MTN Free Browsing Requirements

Psiphon or WizyTechs VPN
MTN SIM with 0.00kb balance
Android device
Stable 3G or 4G network
PdaNet (for connecting to PC) or XP Psiphon

MTN 0.0KB DataReset Settings on Psiphon VPN

Download psiphon VPN by from the link above.
Go to your APN settings and set it up to default.
After that, launch your psiphon VPN and configure it like this below.
Tick Remove port
Proxy type – Real host
Proxy server –
Real proxy type – Default
Real proxy port – 80
Finally click on SAVE and select USA as your country region and then go to MORE OPTIONS and configure it like this below.

Host address –

Port – 8080.