Why Nigeria Loses 1 Billion Dollar On Medical Tourism – Minister Explains

Minister of state for health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire has disclosed that Nigeria loses more than $1bn annually to medical tourism.

Daily Trust reports that he said the federal government was worried about the development and exploring measures to contain the foreign exchange drain.

He said despite government’s huge investment in training of skilled manpower and professionals, as well as building health infrastructures; the trend has remained.

This he said is due to loss of confidence in the nation’s health care system.

Ehanire spoke in Lagos on Sunday, October 22, during the first Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Amity Awards and Benefit Event.

Also, the Chief Medical Director of the Hospital, Prof. Chris Bode said Nigerians have no reason to seek medical treatment abroad as Nigerian health institutions have the capability.

The minister described the award initiated by Solomon Alao, the Chief Executive Officer of the Centre for Intervention Development and Leadership (CIDL) and Social Investment Consultant as a first step in rebuilding confidence of Nigerians in the health sector.

According to him, despite the negative stories circulating about the country’s health sector, there are professionals making sacrifices and working to reverse the trend.

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Must Read!! See How Vulture Delivered Letter Asking Monarch To Quit Throne In Akwa Ibom

A vulture has delivered a letter to a village head, in Iba Oku, in Uyo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom, Eteidung Gabriel Mbeka asking him to quite his throne.

The Nation reports that the embattled monarch has cried out for help, alleging that his throne and his life were being threatened by “sinister forces.”

Speaking to the newspaper, the monarch accused the Clan Head of Oku, Etebom Enefiok Effiong Okpon, of alleged sinister plot to dethrone him “because he wants to turn my domain into his vassal province.”

He said, “Since I was given the staff of office in 2012, as the Village Head of Iba Oku, I have been having a running battle with my Clan Head, Etebom Okpon, who insisted he must also control my domain and collect revenues.

“When I could not yield to his request, he resorted to using traditional invocations to eliminate me. They sent vulture to deliver a letter, asking me to quit the throne. I was scared and had to escape from my palace for several months.

“Since that period, I have been totally deprived of my powers to function effectively as the traditional ruler of my community.

“The Clan Head denied me the powers to hold court with my people by sealing off the Village Council Hall, forcing me to attend to my people in the primary school and my palace.

“Hoodlums also invaded my palace and seized my royal regalia and other paraphernalia of office; just make me ordinary as a traditional ruler.

“When all these actions failed, he started sending threat messages that I would be eliminated if I fail to cooperate with him to sell government’s land and share the proceeds with him.

“Recently, he sent one of his Personal Assistant (PA) to come to my area and enquire concerning my personal details as well as my daily routines. But he did not know that one of those he enquired from is my loyal subject.

“I reported the case to the Police and later charged it to Court, but up till now, it is regrettable that matters concerning my life cannot be allowed to go to Court for redress because of interventions by politicians for their personal interests”, he lamented.


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Congrats!! Zidane Wins FIFA Coach Of The Year Award

Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane was named the 2017 Best FIFA Men’s Coach of the Year at a ceremony at the London Palladium theatre on Monday.

This is coming because Real Madrid became the first team to defend its Champions League title.

Zidane said:-

“I would like to thank all the players who made this possible.”

Also in the running were Antonio Conte, who won the English Premier League in his first season at Chelsea, and Juventus successor Massimiliano Allegri, who has won three consecutive league and cup doubles in Italy.

The Frenchman received the award after guiding Real to both Spain’s La Liga title and Europe’s Champions League trophy last season.

Former France star Zidane was the first coach to oversee a successful defense of the European Cup in the Champions League era.

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WICKEDNESS!! 67-Year Old Man Defiles 8-Year Old Girl In Lagos (Details)

An Ikeja Magistrate’s Court, on Monday arraigned a 67 year old man, Francis Olamide for allegedly raping an 8-year-old girl.

The prosecutor, Insp. Clifford Ogu, told the court that the accused committed the offence on Sept. 23 at his residence, 33 Morebise St., Ayobo, Ipaja, a suburb of Lagos.

Ogu said that the accused called his neighbour’s daughter into his room on the pretext of sending her on an errand.

According to him the retiree put his finger into her private part and told her not to tell anyone, adding that the act resulted in the girl bleeding from her private.

”The minor who could not bear the pain anymore told her mother and the accused was consequently arrested,”‎ he said.

The offence contravened Section 135(1) (2) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The Chief Magistrates, Mrs. Taiwo Akanni, admitted him to bail of N200,000 with two sureties in like sum.

The case was adjourned to Nov. 22 for mention.

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The 7 Deadly Sins A Nigerian President Should Avoid

Tony Ogunlowo outlines the seven sins a Nigerian president should avoid at all cost to have a smooth and successful tenure.

The race to be President of Nigeria in 2019 has already started – well, behind the scenes. Will it be the incumbent (- if he decides to run again!) or somebody else?

The Bible lists Gluttony, Greed, Pride, Envy, Lust, Sloth and Wrath as the 7 Deadly Sins to avoid during our time in life and other religions have similar requirements.

For a President to effectively rule a diverse country, like Nigeria, he (- or she!) needs to avoid the following 7 Deadly Sins:

1, The North- South palaver – As long as there is still Nigeria there will always be the debacle of the North-South divide.

Like two jealous lovers you can’t do one thing for one region without doing something equal for the other.

Over the years it’s become very petty and silly: the Presidency is rotated so that if you have a Northern President you must have a Southern Vice-President and in the next government it must be rotated to feature a Southerner as President and Northerner as Vice-President – whatever happened to electing the right person with the right qualifications to do the job irregardless of what region they’re from?

Again the Northern and Southern elders will dictate, to the President, on who gets the most ministers, budget allocations and federal installations. There’s nothing wrong in wanting the best for your region but things should be allocated on merit : for instance why appoint someone to head a ministry they’re not qualified to head because you have to bow to the whims of either a North or South elder or the quota system? Or why situate a nuclear research facility, for instance, in a region where the people are only interested in goatherding?

To summarize the country cannot be ruled effectively by bowing to the demands of the North- South gangs all the time.

2, Religion – Just like the North-South palaver, religion plays a key part in the running of the nation and should be steered away from: politics and religion don’t mix but funny enough, in Nigeria, they do. If you have a Muslim President then the Vice-President has to be a Christian and if the President is a Christian then the Vice President, without a doubt, will be a Muslim- Nonsense! Another outdated pro rata system that should be consigned to history. Again this prevents the right candidate from getting the job – and getting the job done!

The Presidents hands will also become tied because of religion: a Muslim President making policies that will affect Christians will face a backlash and if a Christian President does anything that will upset the Muslims he’ll be in trouble.

No politician’s hands should be tied because of religion: policies should be fair and applicable to all irrespective of their religious affiliations: for instance some protestant churches are getting out of control in the country and the Muslim President and government is powerless to say or do anything for fear of upsetting the Muslim-Christian code.

3, Kleptocracy – The mere fact the President has the sole ATM card to the nations’ bank account is not an excuse to loot it dry – thou shall not steal!

A President is the custodian of these finances and must ensure that they are distributed fairly – and honestly – to the various apparatus of government that require the funds and not divert them to private bank accounts in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands!

Even though some believe ‘corruption is not a crime’ it is as pilfered funds causes untold suffering for the masses who are supposed to be the end recipients. Therefore to re-iterate again – thou shall not steal (- or let those beneath you steal, not even 10 %!).

4, C.Y.A aka ‘Cover Your Arse’ aka ‘Blame Your Predecessor’ – Every President does it from Nigeria to America or Croatia to Sudan: every incumbent will blame his/her predecessor for everything going wrong in an attempt to cover their own backsides! If a President is going to keep on passing the buck then he or she is in the wrong job! As a President you’re elected to fix things and not spend your entire tenure blaming your predecessor! The buck stops with the President! What’s the point in having a surgeon come in to operate on a patient but can’t (- or won’t!) because he’s too busy criticizing the last doctors work? Operate and fix the patient first, for that’s what you’re paid to do, and moan later!

5, Cronyism – For any President to be elected, anywhere in the world, he or she will need the support of political godfathers, cronies, hanger-ons etc who’ll lobby behind the scenes to get him into office. Once in office they’ll call in the favour and start making outrageous demands of the President: they want to be first in line for lucrative contracts or ministerial appointments. Any President should learn from Donald Trump – use them and dump them before they become a nuisance! Every President should learn to control his cronies: not favour one over the other or let them control him.

6, Tribalism – Tribalism is way up there with religion and the North-South palaver but on a different scale. A President from the South, for instance, might be a Christian or a Muslim but his ethnicity plays a major rule: is he Yoruba or Igbo? If he’s Yoruba what part of Yoruba land is he from? Just like with the North-South palaver his policies will be seen to be influenced from what tribe he’s from: a Yoruba President can’t pass certain laws that will affect the Igbos or Hausas because he’ll be accused of tribalism.( even his fellow Yoruba people from other sub-tribes will accuse him of tribalism!) As a result some tribes become a law unto themselves as the President will be scared of being accused of tribalism.

7. Indecision – A President can’t be indecisive hoping a problem or situation will go away or that people will forget. Take the Chibok girls’ kidnapping fiasco for instance, if the then President had been more decisive those girls could have been home within days, not weeks, not months and most certainly not years! When action needs to be taken a President can’t afford to be indecisive whether that involves removing a minster, clamping down on terrorists’ or ordering military action against subversives. No problem or situation will ever go away unless it’s dealt with swiftly. So any President who thinks such will go away is in for a shock.

So there’s my version of the 7 Deadly Sins a Nigerian President should avoid, of course there are things that didn’t make the list like complacency, nepotism, buffoonery and quite a few others…but we’ll leave that to later!

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Help, I’m Afraid My Husband Will Kill Me – Wife Begs Court

A Nigerian woman has begged a court to save her life after alleging that the husband is threatening her life.

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, Oyo State, on Monday granted the request of a housewife, Iyabo, to have her 10 years marriage to a commercial driver, Biodun Rasheed, dissolved.

The President of the court, Mr Ademola Odunlade, ordered Rasheed to pay his estranged wife N3, 000 as monthly feeding allowance in addition to another monthly N7, 000 for the education of their three children.

The payments, according to Odunlade, are to be made through the court.

Iyabo had earlier told the court that her husband was fond of excessive drinking and had often threatened to kill her.

He beats me every day and at will. It is so easy for him to find an opportunity to beat me up.

“Whenever we have any misunderstanding, he is always quick to tell me he will kill me one day.

“My Lord, my life is at risk. I am afraid that he may carry out his threat to have me killed one day Iyabo told the court.

When asked to defend the allegations levelled against him, Rasheed told the court that he was ready to part ways with his estranged wife.

The couple, who live at Amuloko area of Ibadan, are blessed with two boys and a girl between the ages of four and nine years.


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BREAKING NEWS!! Cristiano Ronaldo Beats Lionel Messi To Win FIFA Player Of The Year Award 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo was named the world’s best player at the 2017 Best Fifa Football Awards in London.

The Real Madrid and Portugal forward beat Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Paris St-Germain’s Neymar to the honour.

Ronaldo, 32, helped Real to a Champions League-La Liga double in 2016-17.

Lieke Martens of Barcelona and the Netherlands won best female player, Real Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane was named best men’s coach and Netherlands’ Sarina Wiegman the best female coach.

Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud received the Puskas award for the best goal of 2017 for his ‘scorpion kick’ against Crystal Palace in January.

Celtic won the fan award after they honoured the club’s 1967 ‘Lisbon Lions’ with stunning 360-degree card display on 50th anniversary of historic European Cup win.

Did he deserve It?

Drop your comments below.

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JAMB Plans Deployment Of Malpractice Device For Future Examination (Read Details)

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) says the deployment of the CCTV device during the annual examinations had come to stay to tackle examination malpractice.

Prof. Is’haq Oloyede, the board’s Registrar, made this known on the side-line of a two-day International Summit on Examination Malpractice which ended on Friday in Lagos.

The summit, organised by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), has the theme: “Examination Malpractice; the Contemporary Realities and Antidotes.”

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) also quotes the registrar as disclosing that the deployment of the CCTV device during JAMB examinations had come to stay.

“It is in line with this kind of development that the board has concluded arrangements to create centres for examination malpractice devices for future examinations,’’ he said.

According to Oloyede, the use of the CCTV for the first time during the 2017 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), further consolidated its quest to ensure quality, equity and integrity.

“There will be no compromise whatsoever.

“Without the deployment of the CCTV, one will just be making a mockery of the computer-based test (CBT).

“This device has ensured that even if a Cheat!ng candidate was not caught during the examination, such candidate will be caught after the examination.

“We will continue to ensure that with education, one can achieve everything and without it, one can achieve nothing.

“It, therefore, goes to tell that each one of us must strive to achieve what is good, giving the significance of life and living,’’ NAN quotes Oloyede as saying.

He added that examination malpractice was a general malaise, the world over.

The registrar noted that it was a global phenomenon that must be tackled urgently.

“I have statistics, which shows that what we have in Nigeria on examination malpractice is concerned, is a child’s play when compared to what is happening in other climes.

“Today with the aid of technological devices for Cheat!ng such as smart watches and others the phenomenon is becoming alarming.

“But in our own case, as these children are getting wiser, we too are getting ahead of them,’’ he said.

The registrar also called for adequate preparations and courseware development in order to stamp out the menace of examination malpractice.

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British Man Sent To Jail For Touching Another Man’s Hip In Dubai (Photo)

A Briton, Jamie Harron has been sentenced to three months in prison in Dubai for touching a man’s hip inside a bar.

He was arrested in July over the incident in which he said he put his hand on a man’s hip to avoid spilling a drink in a crowded bar. The 27-year-old electrician had been working in Afghanistan and was on a two-day stopover in the United Arab Emirates at the time.

A campaign group called Detained in Dubai (DiD) said he was sentenced to three months imprisonment at court on Sunday but lawyers plan to appeal. The group said Harron is “angry, disappointed, and dreads what may happen next”.

He is not currently in custody while the appeal is considered, DiD chief executive Radha Stirling said. Harron has already been sentenced in absentia to 30 days in prison for failing to appear at a court hearing for making a rude gesture and drinking alcohol during the same July incident.

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Police Arrests Man With Fake $880,000 In Niger State (Photos)

The Niger state Police Command has arrested a 37 year old man, Abubakar Suleiman with 88 bundles of $100 dollars fake currency.

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Abigail Unaeze, made the disclosure while presenting the suspect before newsmen in Minna.

She said that Suleiman and three others at large conspired and took his father in-law to an unknown place in Kogi under the pretext to cure him of his sickness, and said that he was arrested when he took the money to one Engineer Abdullahi Sambo of Shango area in Minna.

She said that the command had commenced intensive investigation into the matter.

The suspect was reported to the Chanchaga police division by Mamman Manya, one of the relatives of Sambo. The suspect confessed that he was in possession of the fake dollar notes but he was given the money to deliver to Engineer Sambo and he do not know the real owner of the money.

According to him, he said that an intermediary called Khalifa gave him the money while referring to the owners of the money as ‘genies’.

 I am on errand. The whole thing is just like a mystery.

I was called by some unknown persons to contact Kahlifa who will give me something to take to Engineer Sambo in Minna. The people promised to help me financially. When I got to Minna, I went to Sambo’s house, on getting there, his relatives called the police that I brought take notes for their father.

When asked what the money was meant for, Abubakar said;

I do not know what the money is meant for. I was only told it was meant for Engineer Sambo. I am on errand and it was not my business to know if the notes are fake. I was doing what I was sent.

He said that all efforts to call the Khalifa proved abortive as he no longer picks his calls. Meanwhile, the Police said that Abubakar is part of a syndicate who specialises in the circulation of fake currency notes adding that the police is on the trail of the other members of the syndicate.

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